Flowers Through the Seasons Wildflower Photographs
Flowers Bloom Here, There, and Everywhere

Acanthus Family (Acanthaceae)

Arum Family (Araceae)

Asparagus Family (Asparagaceae)

Aster Family (Asteraceae)
Orange Jewelweed Photographs
Balsam Family (Balsaminaceae)
Barberry Family Photographs
Barberry Family (Berberidaceae)

Bellflower Family (Campanulaceae)

Bignonia Family (Bignoniaceae)

Birch Family (Betulaceae)

Birthwort Family (Aristolochiaceae)

Borage Family (Boraginaceae)

Broomrape Family (Orobanchaceae)
Buckwheat or Knotweed Family Photographs
Buckwheat or Knotweed Family (Polygonaceae)

Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae)

Carnation Family (Caryophyllaceae)

Carrot, Celery, or Parsley Family (Apiaceae)

Cashew or Sumac Family (Anacardiaceae)

Cattail Family (Typhaceae)

Custard Apple Family (Annonaceae)

Dogbane Family (Apocynaceae)

Dogwood Family (Cornaceae)

Figwort and Beardtongue Family (Scrophulariaceae)

Gentian Family (Gentianaceae)

Geranium Family (Geraniaceae)
Grape Family Photographs
Grape Family (Vitaceae)

Grasses (Poaceae)

Heath Family (Rhododendrons) (Ericaceae)
Holly Family Photographs
Holly Family (Aquifoliaceae)

Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae)

Iris Family (Iridaceae)

Laurel Family (Lauraceae)

Legumes or Pea Family (Fabaceae)

Lily Family (Liliaceae)
Lizard's-Tail Family Photographs
Lizard's-Tail Family (Saururaceae)

Madder, Coffee, or Bedstraw Family (Rubiaceae)

Magnolia Family (Magnoliaceae)

Mallow or Hibiscus Family (Malvaceae)

Mint Family (Lamiaceae)

Morning-Glory Family (Convolvulaceae)

Moschatel or Viburnum Family (Adoxaceae)

Mustard Family (Brassicaceae)

Nightshade Family (Solanaceae)

Olive Family (Oleaceae)

Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)
Passiflora Family Photographs
Passiflora Family (Passifloraceae)

Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae)

Pickerelweed Family (Pontederiaceae)

Plantain Family (Plantaginaceae)

Poppy Family (Papaveraceae)

Primrose Family (Primulaceae)

Purslane Family (Portulacaceae)

Rose Family (Rosaceae)
Sandalwood Family Photographs
Sandalwood Family (Santalaceae)

Sedges (Cyperaceae)

Spiderwort and Dayflower Family (Commelinaceae)

Spurge or Euphorbia Family (Euphorbiaceae)

St.-John's-wort Family (Hypericaceae)
Staff Vine or Bittersweet Family Photographs
Staff Vine or Bittersweet Family (Celastraceae)

Sundrop and Evening Primrose Family (Onagraceae)

Teasel (Dipsacaceae)

Violet Family (Violaceae)

Water Lily Family (Nymphaeaceae)
Broadleaf Arrowhead Photograph
Water Plantain Family (Alismataceae)

Willow Family (Salicaceae)

Witch-hazel Family (Hamamelidaceae)

Wood Sorrel Family (Oxalidaceae)

Non-Flowering Plants
Jian Zhe Li
April Snows

    Jian Zhe Li    

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