About the Photographer

Awarded Photographs:

"Lotus--Echoes of Light" (24h), Equal Merit Award,
United States Geological Survey Judged Photography Exhibition (July 2002)

"Lotus--Dimensions" (20h), Honorable Mention,
Annual United States Geological Survey Judged Photography Exhibition (July 2003).

"Great Egret"
(94c), Honorable Mention,
League of Reston Artists Members Only Judged Photography Exhibit,
Jo Ann Rose Gallery, Reston Community Center at Lake Anne (Sept./Oct. 2003).

Juried Member, Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild (Board member, 2005 - 2009)
Former Member, Artists' Undertaking Gallery, Occoquan, Virginia

Photo by Wee Boonmak 
What is this symbol that you see throughout my site?

This is my signature seal or chop with my name translated into Mandarin Chinese.  Traditional Chinese names consist of a single syllable last name and two syllables for the first name.  For this chop, my English name, Gerry Gantt, is translated into the Mandarin name Jian Zhe Li.
About this Site

This site, GerryGanttPhotography.com, is primarily a showcase for my Nature and Scenic Photography.  It is also a Nature Site in that I am making an attempt to show a lot of interesting subjects from a Naturalist's viewpoint.  Most of the time, an interesting Naturalist photo will also be a great art photograph, but sometimes I haven't been able to get that defining photo and the one that is available is intended to show what a species looks like while I search for a subject that is more cooperative.  Either way, I try to present a species in a way that is as informative as it is enjoyable.  My scenic photography is concentrated on the beautiful Buddhist Wats of Thailand.  If you have a comment on something, please drop me a line at GerryGantt@att.net.  Thanks and have a great visit here, visually and educationally.

Artist's Statement

Gerry Gantt has been taking Nature and Scenic Photographs since 1967.  Camera equipment has been various Nikon® cameras and lenses.  Since Digital SLR cameras became affordable, Gerry has used the Nikon D100 (2004), Nikon D2x (2005-2008), Nikon D3x (2008-2018) and currently a Nikon D850 digital camera with a 70-200 mm telephoto and 2x Tele-converter for nature work and an 18-200 mm (D2x) zoom lens and currently a 24-120 lens with the D850 for scenic work.  His recent Scenic venue has been Thailand and that country's beautiful Buddhist temples (Wats).  Films used in the pre-digital era were exclusively Kodak® slide films, including Kodachrome 25 and 64 and Ektachrome 100 as the Ektachrome emulsions were improved over the years.

Gerry's method for finding interesting Nature shots is to seek them out rather than waiting for them to come to him.  Both methods have merit and each will produce great photographs, but prowling around works better for this photographer.  He also prefers to picture animals doing something besides just sitting somewhere, if possible.  Simple portraits are nice, but depicting an animal doing something characteristic of the species tells the viewer more than just what it looks like.  Of course, Scenic photos, of necessity, require that the photographer go to them.  Here, the most important factors in obtaining a good shot are time of day, sky conditions and time of year.

Gerry is a co-op member of the Artists' Undertaking Gallery in Historic Occoquan, Virginia, the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild since 2003 and a board member of the organization from 2005-2009.  He was also a member of the League of Reston Artists, Reston Photographic Society, and the Herndon Council for the Arts  His photographs have been displayed for sale at local Arts and Crafts Shows in the Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland areas since 2001 and at the Artists' Undertaking Gallery, Occoquan, Virginia, from 2010 to 2022.  All my photos are shown in extensive galleries at GerryGanttPhotography.com and select photos are shown at GerryGanttPhotos.com where they may be purchased as Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints and Wood Prints, as well as on various things such as greeting cards, mugs, towels bags and phone cases.

Printing techniques in the past have utilized the Cibachrome® color photo materials from Illford®.  Currently, the photographer works exclusively in the digital medium in Adobe PhotoShop® with a Nikon ES-4000 slide/film scanner for scanning slides.  Of course, the digital equipment now in use requires no intermediary for bringing images into PhotoShop®. 

Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography and Bird Photography by Gerry Gantt from Marsh, Meadow, Forest and Stream.
Scenic Photography from the Nation's Capital and around the country.
Scenes and Architectural Beauty from Thailand and Singapore.
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