Clubtail Dragonflies
Order Odonata, Gomphid Family Gomphidae
Sheer Terror for Mosquitoes

Russet-tipped Clubtail Dragonflies Stylurus plagiatus)

Gomphid Dragonfly (DIN0064)
Jian Zhe Li
Gomphid Dragonfly (DIN0110)

Gomphid Dragonfly (DIN0272)
    Jian Zhe Li    
Species information:   There are many species of dragonflies in the Gomphid family, including about 10 genera in North America.  These are mostly stream-haunting species and are characterized by a noticeable distance between the compound eyes, giving the head a dumbbell look from above.  They also tend to have an expanded tip of the abdomen--hence the name Club-tail.  Determining species is often difficult and involves close inspection of the shape of the claspers at the end of the male's abdomen and the shape of their secondary sexual apparatus.

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