Indian Pipes, Indian Ghost Pipes, Corpse Plant, or One-flower Indian Pipes
Monotropa uniflora
A Very Intriguing Mid-Summer Flowering Plant

Indian Pipes (3F)

Indian Pipes (DSMF0144)

Indian Pipes (DSMF0146)

Indian Pipe (DSMF0145)

Indian Pipes (DSMF0147)
  Jian Zhe Li
Indian Pipes (DSMF0148)
Jian Zhe Li  
This flowering plant has no chlorophyll.  The only time you can see anything of this species is when it flowers. Most of the plant is underground where it is parasitic on tree roots via a fungus that actually transfers the nutrients from the tree roots.  So, you might say this plant is a parasite of a parasite.  As the stalks and flowers age, they begin to develop black blotches and eventually the flowers will point straight up instead of nodding and the whole above-ground part of the plant will be black and dead.

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