Spatterdock, Yellow Pond-Lily or Cow-Lily
Nuphar lutea, Water Lily Family, Nymphaeaceae
  Spatterdock Photograph
Spatterdock (DSPF0033)
Jian Zhe Li Spatterdock Photograph
Spatterdock (DFL1437)
  Jian Zhe Li   Jian Zhe Li  
Nuphar lutea's wide distribution and long-standing interest as an object of food, medicine, horticulture and folklore has led to many common or popular names. The following list is testimony to this species' long history:
Beaver Lily, Beaver More, Beaver Root, Bobber, Bonnets, Brandy Bottle, Bullhead Lily, Can-dock, Cow Lily, Dog Lily, Ducks, Flatterdock, Frog Lily, Globe Lily, Gold Watch, Hog Lily, Holy-Trinity Lily, Horse Lily, Kelp, Large Yellow Pond Lily, Lis d'Eau Jaune, Marsh Collaid, Mooseroot, Mulefoot, Mulefoot Bonnet, Mulefoot Lily, Muleshoe, Nenuphar jaune, Pied de cheval, Pond Poppy, Spatterdock, Splatterdock, Three Colored Lily, Toad Lily, Tuckahoe, Tuckey, Tucky Lily, Water Collard, Wokas, Yellow Lanterns, Yellow Pond Lily, and Yellow Water Lily. (from Wikipedia)

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