Singapore, a Small Island with a Mix of Cultures

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Yu-Hua Yuen (Chinese Gardens)

Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty)

Japanese Gardens
Yu-Hua Yuen (Chinese Gardens) with pagodas, stone boat and teahouse.  The Chinese Garden or Yu-Hua Yuen is modeled after the Imperial Sung Dynasty style of the Summer Palace in Beijing. Bridges and archways harmonize with nature and exotic lakeside pagodas offer a beautiful view of the gardens.
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Yun Xiu Yuan (Garden of Beauty) where bonsai are arrayed in and around a Suzhou-style garden.
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The Japanese Gardens with traditional arching bridges.  The Japanese Gardens are reached from the Chinese Gardens via a 65 m long bridge. Also called "The Garden of Tranquility", the garden expresses a stark simplicity with small shrubs, stone lanterns and a miniature waterfall all conspiring to induce a feeling of calm serenity.
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Scenic Photography by Gerry Gantt from Singapore, a Mix of Many Cultures.
All images Copyright © 1999 - by Gerry Gantt, all rights reserved.