Chinese Gardens (Yu-Hua Yuen) in Singapore

Garden Moon Gate (21E)

Standing Stone with Fern and Bamboo (19A)

Bamboo and Stones (19D)

Stones and Teahouse (19o)

Teahouse and Bamboo (19P)

Bamboo and Teahouse (19G)

Stone Boat (19H)

Twin Pagodas (19Q)

Twin Pagodas (19S)

Stone Boat and Bridge (21D)

Path to North Pagoda (19T)

North Pagoda (19C)

North Pagoda (19R)

Garden Pavilion (21A)

Garden Pavilion (21B)
  Jian Zhe Li
Statue of Confucius (21C)
Jian Zhe Li  
Yu-Hua Yuen (Chinese Gardens) with pagodas, stone boat and teahouse.  The Chinese Garden or Yu-Hua Yuen is modeled after the Imperial Sung Dynasty style of the Summer Palace in Beijing. Bridges and archways harmonize with nature and exotic lakeside pagodas offer a beautiful view of the gardens.
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Scenic Photography by Gerry Gantt from Singapore, a tiny bit of Chinese culture in the Tropics.
All images Copyright © 1999 - by Gerry Gantt, all rights reserved.