Sales Policy
If you have a problem with a print purchased through Fine Art America, please contact them through their returns page.

Photographs sold directly from me are sold framed or matted only.

Available Photograph sizes are:
   Print Size (inches)    Mat/Frame Size (inches)
             5x7                        8x10
           8x10                     11x14
         11x14                     14x18

Photographs are not sold without a mat.

Price List (exceptions will be noted for that item):
Sizes:        5x7     8x10   11x14
Framed:  $60         $80    $125 
Matted:   $25         $40      $60 

Examples of framed prints may be seen by
Clicking Here
or on the Order Info page.

Current ink-jet printing technology produces photo-quality prints and manufacturers are improving the quality and longevity of the images continuously.  Current technology rates the archival quality as good as or better than the standard "chemical" enlargements. While the color retention of these prints has not been proven over a long period of time, the prints should retain their color for many years to come.  However, like any color material, these prints should be protected from bright light, especially direct sunlight.  If any print shows noticeable fading, it may be returned to me for replacement of the print.  The Canon Lucia inks used for our photos are rated to not fade for at least 100 years.

Please note:  The thumbnails and "enlargements" shown are based on an 8"x10" image unless otherwise noted.  The width/height ratio for both 8"x10" and 11"x14" is approximately 1:1.25.  There is a different ratio for 5x7 of approximately 1:1.4.  This results in some cropping of the 8"x10" image on the 7" sides to produce a narrower print.  If you are not sure how this will affect the final print for a 5"x7" photograph, please note such concern in your inquiry and I will add a 5"x7" image to the item page showing the image to be expected.

We do accept checks in payment for merchandise.  However, checks returned for reason of insufficient funds will be subject to a charge covering related bank expenses.  Checks drawn on banks other than US domestic banks must clear before merchandise will be shipped.  We accept American Express, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa. Refunds less shipping charges are made within 30 days upon return of merchandise postage/shipping pre-paid.

Customer service may be reached at:


Phone:  (703) 591-9154
Daytime:  (703) 629-3368
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